Masako Ohta
Piano Player, Sound-Performance-Artist, Composer

CD: MASAKO OHTA »My Japanese Heart«

Masako Ohta  »My Japanese Heart«
Winter & Winter  910 264-2

The new solo album "My Japanese Heart"
by Winter & Winter.

Release in Germany June 12, 2020
Release worldwide in Summer 2020

© Fotos: Stefan Speidel, Japan


Masako Ohta presents an unprecedentedly daring insight into the Japanese musical world from the 17th century to today.

Thanks to Japan's temporary isolation and special island position, cultural characteristics are preserved that are still present in contemporary music.

Japanese music from past centuries and commissioned compositions interpreted on a concert grand piano: tradition, folk song and the art of composition become one.

Masako Ohta receives the Music Prize of the City of Munich.


Masako Ohta retreats into the silence of the Waldhaus Grandsberg in the Bavarian Forest to dedicate herself to Japanese masterpieces in deep concentration and solitude.
The Munich-based pianist takes us on a musical journey through time and invites us to experience extraordinary compositions from four centuries from the land of the rising sun. Sound creations of great Japanese composers such as Kengyo Yatsuhashi from the 17th century, Kengyo Yoshizawa from the 19th century, Toru Takemitsu from the 20th century as well as Toshio Hosokawa and Fumio Yasuda from the present are telling us about springtime at the sea, the rain tree, the singing of birds and dances of distant islands.

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